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Italian Gelato at Dulcetto Restaurant – ChampionsGate

0 Comments 8 March 23:48

Italian Gelato – Dulcetto of ChampionsGate

There is one Italian food that never fails to please: Gelato. This word derived from the Latin word gelatus meaning frozen.

They have been created during the Renaissance in Italy: Florence Boboli’s gardens Stills have an ice house built by the Medici in 1612!

Gelato is frozen quickly in small batches that mean it’s much fresher than a regular ice cream. Made with quality ingredients, Gelatos  are truly artisanal.

At Dulcetto restaurant of ChampionsGate, in order to respect the high quality of products and to follow the lead to work only with locals suppliers, we decided to work with Muse Gelato of Orlando.

When we first opened the location, the owners decided to bring a real piece of art into the restaurant to present this famous desert, The TONDA coming from Italy. A wheel display unit for Gelatos.

When people discover the Gelato for the first time, they usually ask what is the main difference with ice cream.

gelato - tonda - Dulcetto

Gelato is made with a great proportion of whole milk to cream, so it contains four to seven per cent fat. Gelato is churned at a slower speed than ice cream, so it is denser because not as much air is whipped into the mixture. This is why the texture is way smoother than a regular ice cream.

So if you are driving from Orlando to Tampa, anywhere in South Florida, or from South to North, and you are driving threw exit 58 on I4, please come and visit Dulcetto Restaurant at ChampionsGate, you won’t be able to resist to one or more of our delicious Gelato scoops.

You will find different flavors such as the famous Nutella, our signature Dark chocolate, Vanilla Bean, cookies and cream, Cappuccino, Dulce de Leche, Pistachio, but also a large selection of fruits Gelato such as Strawberry, Lemon sorbet, Mango sorbet, Coconut or Banana*.

*Flavors subject to change

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Dulcetto in a few words

Provide our clientele access to the full line of Dulcetto creations and specialties elaborated from an initial intercultural mix of flavors from the world is our aim.